Guest Speakers

We’re proud to announce our Nadlan Expo Investors Group speakers for the 2021 Conference

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Yaron Shiponi
President of Miami Tel Aviv Real Estate Investments

Yaron Shiponi Lecture:
Why I Switched from Rentals to Multi-Family

Ori Bar
Real Estate Attorney & Entrepreneur

Ori Bar Lecture:
Minimizing Risks in Overseas Investments

Sean Block
Co-Founder and Partner at Capitalis

Sean Block Lecture:
Defensive Residential Investing in a decentralized world

Sean Block, Founder and Managing Partner at Capitalis Real Estate Investments. Over a decade ago, after working as an engineer in a big American High Tech company, decided to purchase his first investment property in Europe. Today, together with his Partner Yackov Gidali, hold and manage hundreds of residential properties in a number of locations in Florida, USA. An expert in management of low risk passive income-producing residential investments.

Avi Cohen
President of City Wide Realty Inc
Founder of Re Recon Consulting Firm
Team Leader of City Wide Keller Williams
Partner at Keller Williams Philadelphia

Avi Cohen Lecture:
Pahiladelphia Tour – A City vs B City

Avi Cohen was born in Israel, and moved to the United States in 1996. He arrived in the states without money, or understanding of the english language. Avi made a living managing retail, before transitioning into Real Estate in 2005 – his passion. When the housing market crashed in 2008 Avi saw the opportunity to create his own Real Estate Brokerage – which is how City Wide Realty Inc came to be. Two years after creating City Wide Realty Inc, he partnered with Keller Williams to develop the “City Wide Keller Williams Team”, and shortly after created “Re Recon Consulting Firm”. Avi now manages all three companies and 60 agents between City Wide Realty Inc, and City Wide KW.

Lior Lustig
Nadlan Group

Lior Lustig has managed in Israel large technology projects for the Ministry of Defense and various startups for about 10 years, moving to Manhattan in 2010 following a startup he established in the field of e-commerce and real estate. Lior also served as a broker and mortgage officer for many years with expertise in the NYC market so he got the chance to deepen his knowledge in the US real estate world from within and since then been involved in many real estate transactions in many US markets. Lior is always looking for a way to improve the real estate related ventures he is involved in with his technological know-how. Lior has experience in analyzing sophisticated real estate transactions from all of the layers of the investment, and examining investments for him is a comprehensive and accurate work process that has been examined in several aspects, regional, local and computational. In the US market, Lior is an investor in the single and multi-family markets and is a financing expert in residential and commercial loans. Lior has helped to provide financing for foreign investors in the last 3 years with great success by utilizing a network of expert brokers that can fulfill deals that many other brokers can’t reach.”

Yael Botser
Mortgage Consultant & Broker
Nadlan Capital Group

Yael Botser Engaged in real estate investments since 2012, has lived in the United States since 2014. Specializes in consulting for financing real estate transactions of all types.

Orr Kichin
Instructor & Mentor
Nadlan Course & Nadlan Mentormind

Orr Kichin is the founder of BSmart.Invest – Real Estate Investments in the USA – Be smart, invest. During a seven-year career in high-tech, Orr discovered her vocation in real estate. She studied in depth everything related to American real estate and dived into the Indianapolis market as early as 2015. Or has made dozens of real estate transactions for investors who have purchased long-term investment properties and flip transactions through it.

Yaniv Berliner
Instructor & Mentor
Nadlan Course & Nadlan Mentormind

Yaniv Berliner has been living and breathing real estate for the past fifteen years. He made his debut in Israel while buying properties, renovating and renting here in Israel. During these years, with the help of leverage (cheap mortgages) and relatively cheap real estate prices, Yaniv progressed and reached a nice passive income. In the last five years, it has not been possible to find good deals in Israel and Yaniv has moved to the United States. Yaniv studied in depth and experienced himself in real estate transactions, setting up an operation that is used by him and his investors in purchases, renovations and rentals. Yaniv currently has five properties in good rental areas and another fifty transactions that have been made for investors. In addition, Yaniv is a graduate of the Technion and holds a degree in software engineering.