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We will be holding our annual Real Estate Investor Conference
Online & in Israel

2024 Nadlan Expo® Israel Investors Conference
נדל"ן אקספו ישראל - כנס הנדל"ן הגדול במדינה

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התאריך החדש - The new Date

On Stage in Tel Aviv, Israel: September 3rd, 2024

Nadlan Expo Online November 2023 - 11/29/2023
Nadlan Expo Online January 2024 - 1/23/2024
Nadlan Expo Online April 2024 - 4/18/2024

Nadlan Expo Online November 2023 - 11/29/2023
Nadlan Expo Online January 2024 - 1/23/2024
Nadlan Expo Online April 2024 - 4/18/2024

You Are Invited to the 10th Annual Nadlan Expo® Investors Conference

How to Get Started

This year we have decided to ramp up the Real Estate investing data from the ground up with small and large investors that would share their journey, bringing to lecture many of our Real Estate entrepreneurs that will teach you the entire scope of investing in the US Real Estate market.

Nadlan Group operates the largest US investors group in Israel, and creates the largest yearly Real Estate conference called Nadlan Expo. This year our lecturers includes among others Gavriel Amiel, David Amiel, Katerina Kurlovich, Noam Shpalter, Eyal Melamed, Eyal Preis, Gal Shmukler, Nitai Chen, Ari Rubinstein, Moshe Weizman, Chaya Rosenzweig, Shay Yakobovich, Avi Ben Mordechai, Nir Label, Diana Pinchasov, Vika Kuzantsov, Roman Goldenberg and many more…

Market Opportunities

How to choose an investment market, how to build a winning team, how to formulate long-term goals, building a work plan, management tools, how to build a Real Estate business, notes, land, BRRRR Strategy, Singles, Multi, AI & Technology, syndications funds, equity building , how to retire young with cash flow. 

Investment Strategies

At Nadlan Expo 2024 we are going to talk about the mind set needed to start investing, how to build an investment machine, the types of real estate investments, financing options for Americans & foreign nationals, the barriers  for enry, market research, overcoming challenges, and much more.

Nadlan Group® has never been more accessible! Also, we have added several valuable products requested by our clients. Additionally, Nadlan Group® users selected Ramat Gan again as this year’s conference location. It is planned to be an extraordinary, informative event.

נדל”ן גרופ גאים להציג את כנס הנדל”ן השנתי הגדול בישראל – נדל”ן אקספו.

We look forward to our largest attendance yet!

30+ Mentors
60+ Lectures

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Platinum Sponsors

Gabriel & David Amiel

ICG - Invest Capital Group

Gabriel & David Lecture:

When Technology, Data and real Estate Meets

Invest Capital Group is a real estate investment management and development firm focused on multifamily assets in Florida and Texas.

• Since 2003, the executive team has assembled over 7 million square feet of real estate worth over $2 billion.

• With over 20 years of experience, ICG has a long standing relationships with financial institutions, brokers, and local governments.

• ICG’s strategy for residential properties is twofold:

1. We focus on high-growth markets like Florida and Texas, where population and job growth continue to significantly outpace the broader United States.

2. We build Class A residential properties for professionals looking for mid-range rental rates in niche suburbs with high median incomes, top-rated school districts, and accessibility to major employers.

Noam Shpalter

Investo Capital

Noam's Lecture:

The 10 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Should Avoid

1. הטעויות הנפוצות שרוב המשקיעים עושים לאורך הדרך

2. איך להמנע מטעויות בהערכת ובבחירת עסקה

3. מהי הטעות שכמעט כל משקיע ‘נופל’ בה

4. אילו שאלות יש לשאול בכל השקעת נדלן

5. שאלת מיליון הדולר שיזמים ינסו להתחמק מהתשובה (פשוט כי אין להם אחת…)

Katerina Kurlovich

BBF - Build Better Future

Katerina's Lecture:

Five Benefits of Investing in the Cyprus Real Estate

Experienced and results-driven Real Estate Investment Consultant with a proven track record of providing strategic guidance and insights to clients in the Cyprus real estate market. Adept at conducting thorough market research, analyzing investment opportunities, and delivering tailored solutions to meet clients’ financial goals. Known for excellent interpersonal skills and a strong ability to build and maintain lasting client relationships.

Silver Sponsors

The founder of Nadlan in Miami, Mr. Eyal Melamed is a licensed real estate broker and a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. Eyal holds a B.A. with Honors from York University in Toronto, Canada and an M.B.A from Tel Aviv University. Eyal has been working in real estate for over 7 years and specializes in finding great deals below market value with excellent negotiation skills. According to Eyal, the best way of finding worthy deals is to “grasp the market”. In order to perfect ones understanding of the market, one needs to go and visit 8-10 properties on a daily bases, make offers until you find the perfect deal. 

Our group specializes in Finding and managing properties in South Florida. Our expertise is in real estate investments in Miami and the surrounding areas, finding good deals under market value and providing other investor-related services such as: property management, mortgage provider, tax consultant, contractors, etc.

We focus on selling direct assets from the banks (foreclosure), auctions, off market properties and more.

Our expertise in negotiation and promise to give you the best deal possible. Our group operates as a subsidiary under Isram Realty, an American real estate company with over 20 years’ reputation with the head broker, Jean Rikman who has a high level of knowledge and experience.

The offices are located in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Nadlan in Miami is a team under Isram Realty and Management Brokerage, the licenses broker is Jean Rikman.

Nadlan University Mentors

Gal made his first steps in the real estate field at Gindi as a sales manager.

Gal holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance from the Interdisciplinary University.

After working for one of the largest real estate companies in the country and selling projects for millions of shekels, he began investing in real estate in the United States.

Gal saw a large number of properties with a lot of realtors, realized that in a saturated market as happens in 2021 it is difficult to find attractive deals. These deals are for sale in the market and are open to everyone.

Gal’s first deal was bought for $ 75,000 when the value of the property was much higher. The seller was willing to compromise for time and convenience for a cheaper price. On the deal Gal made a refinance at a value of 174,000 half a year later. This led him to think outside the box and look at real estate in the US differently.

Gal developed the field of buying properties by way of wholesale and within six months bought and sold over 50 off-market transactions at prices much lower than market prices.

Once you’re first at the door and you know how to make a good initial contact with the seller, you are not dealing with the whole market but only with the seller (maybe with a few more people who have contacted him in the past.)

Once you have found the deal you have the power and then the sky is the limit.

You can do a wholesaling deal, you can buy and hold, you can do a flip and you can find land and build. You really can do everything when you find the deal.

Gal Today owns a company called Tlv investments llc.

A company he founded with two of his childhood friends.

All assets owned by the company are purchased through the “Off Market” route. Properties that do not meet the company’s criteria make it “wholesale” and are sold to the company’s exclusive buyer list.

The company currently owns over 200 properties in the Jacksonville area of North Florida.

I’m here to give you the tools you need to learn the world of ‘wholesaling’, in the best and most optimistic way with real examples from the field.

Gideon Gratsiani

CEO & Founder of CRE-PRO

Gideon Gratsiani Lecture:

How Did We Purchased 400K Worth of Commercial Real Estate in the Last 36 Months

Gideon Gratsiani With and Infinite Equity Capital is a world-renowned auction expert with years of experience.

Gideon Gratsiani is as well  a world-renowned expert in tax deed auctions, bankruptcy auctions, sheriff auctions, government auctions, bank, and private auctions, and many more…

Gideon will explain in his lecture, how we purchased more than $400M worth of commercial real estate and created embedded equity with every purchase.

Gideon Gratsiani won hundreds of properties in auctions and participated in thousands of auctions all around the United States through his impressive

Previous Years Videos

Gold Sponsors

Roman Webdew

Roman Webdew, Founder, CEO, Creative Director, Real Estate Media Expert |

Roman Webdew Lecture:

How to Make Your Real Estate Company Stand Out

Lecture Topics:

How to Make Your Real Estate Company Stand Out?

  • Importance of digital media in real estate marketing
  • Maximize sale potential and attract new clients with professional real estate media services
  • How to Prepare a Home for Real Estate Photography and why it is important
  • Real Estate Photography Workflow
  • Sell the house before it is built with an interactive 3D modeled tour
  • Questions & Answers

Roman Webdew is an award-winning commercial and architectural photographer. In 2009 Roman began his career by founding a digital media company specializing in creating high-quality media content for local businesses, including graphic design, photography, and videography. After several years of successful business Roman extended the business towards real estate media and changed the business name to the currently known

Roman is very passionate and a hardworking specialist. His creative and meticulous approach to every project guarantees its successful completion, and 100% positive feedbacks left by his clients prove it.

Starting from working with a single client in Philadelphia, Roman has acquired hundreds of small-business clients and clients like Santander Bank, Regal Cinema,, Sheraton, and others. His team includes his managing partner Avi Cohen as a business developer, professional editors, a professional drone pilot, and several other team members. offers a complete suite of real estate media services in PA, NJ, and NY. The company’s services include HDR real estate and Airbnb photography, videography, virtual tours, aerial photography, 3D modeling, graphic design, printing, and more. The company is a Zillow Certified Real Estate Photographers member and has been awarded one of the best real estate photography companies in Philadelphia.