2022 Nadlan Expo® Israel
Investors Conference

We will be holding our 5th annual
Real Estate Investor Conference
at the My Campus Hall in Ramat Gan, Israel

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July 14th 2022 (Tentative Date)

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    You Are Invited to the 5th Annual Nadlan Expo® Investors Conference

    Nadlan Expo Israel 2021


      We had a very intriguing year in 2020! The pandemic caught us all unguarded and we had to adjust quickly to the new market environment. It was hard to predict where the market will go - but we all know now that the US Real Estate market is stronger than ever. Demand for Real Estate is through the roof so while many companies saw slowness in business, Nadlan Group thrived. It was not luck. Our CEO Lior Lustig, that comes from a background of more than 20 years of being the CTO of IT technology companies in Israel and in the US, has aimed for Nadlan to be an online-only company many years ago when it all started in 2016, so while many companies struggled in moving their infrastructures online - we been ready, and we could actually open new major divisions for our company and strengthen the current divisions.

      Nadlan Group® has never been more accessible! Also, we have added several valuable products requested by our clients. Additionally, Nadlan Group® users selected Ramat Gan again as this year’s conference location. It is planned to be an extraordinary, informative event.

      We look forward to our largest attendance yet!

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          Announcing Our Keynote Speaker Dani Beit-Or

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          Dani Beit-Or Real Estate Investment Specialist, Lecturer and Mentor and is the founder of SimplyDoIt - a Real Estate investment company located in California.
          Dani is considered a leading anchor in the field of residential real estate investments.
          For the past 17 years, Dani has been working as an independent real estate investor and mentoring real estate investors from around the world.
          Its scope of activity includes accompanying more than 4,500 real estate transactions in various markets throughout the United States.
          In his lectures, he teaches and shares his rich experience, as someone who experienced the great real estate crisis in the United States and succeeded in it.
          In addition, Dani shares with the participants in the lecture the practical method he developed for real estate investments.
          Dani brings to his lectures a fresh look at the field of real estate investing, and teaches how to avoid common mistakes and unnecessary risks in the process.

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